Medigap Plan F

Medigap Plan F

Plan F Overview

Medigap Plan F is one of the most popular Medicare supplemental Plans due to the fact that it is one of only two plans that offer coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B excess charges. Plan F also covers the expenses of medical services should you exceed the allotted Medicare amount.

The reason Plan F is one of the most popular choices is that it offers security in the fact that you will not have a large amount of excess expense when making a doctor or hospital visit.

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What Medigap Plan F Covers

  • Inpatient Hospital expenses for an additional year (365 days) after Medicare has been exhausted
  • Medicare coinsurance such as the required payment for Medicare-approved services
  • Blood Transfusion costs for the first three pints of blood required
  • Services from a hospice that is not covered by Medicare Part A
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Up to 80% of foreign emergency care
  • Deductible for Medicare Part A from hospital services
  • Deductible for Medicare Part B from outpatient services
  • Excess Expenses above the allotted Medicare amount

Plan F High Deductible Option

Medigap Plan F offers the most coverage, because of this it is also the most expensive plan.  Often the high premium is too much for people to afford. However, there is another option. Many Medicare Supplemental Insurers offer a high deductible version of Plan F to encourage people to purchase the plan.

This option means that the monthly premium will much lower that the base Plan F. In order to make this possible holders of this policy will be required to pay $2,200 worth of deductibles and fees in 2017 before the Supplemental Plan F will take effect. With the normal deductible plan coverage will start immediately with no expenses coming out of your pocket.


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